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  • Maximum 90% LTV for Owner Occupied Purchase for Manufactured Homes.   Review the Manufactured Home Loan Program for additional information. 
  • Effective 3-14-2019 tier adjustments were made to the Wholesale Rate sheet.  Please carefully review Rate schedule.
  • Effective 2/13/2019 the Broker’s Confirmation of Delivery of Property Appraisal and/or Written Valuation to Borrower(s) form must be completed and returned, prior to submission to underwriting, of a complete loan packet including copy of appraisal for full approval.  

    The Broker’s Confirmation of Delivery of Property Appraisal and/or Written Valuation to Borrower(s) form was created for the broker to acknowledge and confirm they have delivered a copy of the appraisal and/or written valuation to their client in accordance with the Borrower’s Right to Receive a Copy of Appraisal or Valuation as required by 12 C.F.R. §1002.14. 

  •  A fillable PDF form of the document has been added to the Submission Forms section.

  • Changes to the Rate Lock Program including new Multistate Request form
  • Alert: Washington Federal has suspended our wholesale operations in Idaho until further notice 
  • Alert: Wholesale no longer lending on properties with wells drilled after 10/06/16 in the state of WA
  • Loan Estimate Request Checklist
  • Receipt of Application Form

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