Construction & Remodeling

You ​shouldn’t ​need ​two ​loans ​to build one house!

Build it with us

  • Your entire project is underwritten at one time, wrapping construction and permanent financing together.
  • No second loan, no dual fees, no wasted time or effort.
  • Lock in your interest rate during processing for up to 90 days, so if rates go up, you’re protected.
  • Enjoy a single, fixed-rate mortgage with no change in interest rate after construction is complete.
  • Make interest-only payments during construction.
  • Borrow up to 80% loan-to-value based on construction and land costs.
  • We’ll consider owner/building borrowers. (Not available in Texas.)
  • Looking to build on acreage? We can handle it.
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Remodeling is hard enough. We can help you pay for it.

Many people use a home equity loan to pay for remodeling.  But big remodeling projects can sometimes out-strip your available equity, particularly if your home needs major work.  Our All-in-One Construction Remodeling Loan is the answer.  We base the loan on the estimated value of your home after improvements. It works like our Custom Construction Loan, but for an existing structure.

Construction Loan Application Checklist

Items required to order an appraisal:

  • Digital plans provided as a PDF file
  • ​Description of materials and specifications (signed/dated)
  • ​Cost estimate (signed/dated)
  • Fixed-price construction contract (signed/dated)
  • Acknowledgement of any pre-paid construction costs, along with copies of receipts (signed by builder and borrower)
  • Legal description of the property and purchase contract/details of purchase
  • Septic permit (if applicable)
  • Well report (if applicable)

Documents required before loan closing:

  • Contractor’s license and insurance bond
  • Building permit
  • Contractor’s IRS certification
  • Proof of liability/hazard insurance, including course of construction coverage
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Please note: Your builder/contractor must be approved by Washington Federal and will be asked to provide documentation.