7 Ideas for Kid-Ready Summer Businesses

Jul 15, 2018

Kids off for summer break? Use the opportunity to teach them about hard work, entrepreneurship and financial basics.

Clean pools

Perfect for our Arizona neighbors, just make sure your kids are old enough to swim - in case of an accidental dip.

Dog walking or sitting

Along with tried-and-true flyer marketing, consider working with your kids to create a family profile on Rover.com.


Flexible schedules and a resume booster?! Perfect for teens or college students.

House cleaning

If your child is well versed in vacuuming or dusting, then this could be a good fit.

Window washing

Not a lot of equipment needs, and plenty of business growth!


This one has a steeper learning curve and requires a little more equipment, but it’s a good option for outdoor, hard work lessons.

Need an account to save all that extra cash?

 We’ve got just the thing – our Statement Savings account. Only $10 for minors to open and $10 to earn interest, plus no monthly fee up to age 18. Contact your local branch to find out more.