Family Fun this Weekend for Less than $20

Feb 05, 2018

It can be easy to find yourself in a slump this time of year. The holidays have come and gone, there are still a few more months of winter left and many of us have a low balance in our “fun” funds. Now’s the time to get creative with your family’s entertainment options!

Visit a Museum

A fun afternoon activity that’s not weather dependent and doesn’t involve time in front of the screen?! Check out your local museum. If you’re bringing the family, consider making a scavenger hunt for the kids. Print out a take-along sheet and ask them to locate certain items, write down their most interesting find or pick a topic to research further. 

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Make Homemade Pizzas

Is there anything better than pizza on a Friday night? Unfortunately feeding a crowd can easily set you back $50 or more. This weekend, why not turn pizza time into a family activity? Pick up premade or ready-to-roll dough and see who can make the best pie. 

Want to get creative? Here are 26 unconventional, yet amazing, pizza toppings. 

Photo of family playing games

Coordinate a Potluck

Fewer Americans know their neighbors than ever before – not only is this isolating, it’s bad for our health. Most people’s social schedules slow down after the holidays and don’t pick up again until the summer months, so now is the perfect time to plan a neighborhood potluck. No need to be fancy – just pick a theme, like Mexican, pasta or baked potato - and coordinate via email.  

Catch a Movie

With a little planning and flexibility in your schedule, you can save big at the box office. Matinee shows are usually considerably cheaper, or look into a second-run theater in your area, which offers movies that have been out of mainstream theaters for a couple of months at very steep discounts. 

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Host a Board Game Marathon

Opt for a traditional evening of entertainment and plan a game night! Make it a tournament and offer a prize to the winner. If you’ve got a big crowd, try these 20 party games that are good for all ages. 

Plan an Ice Cream Outing

If your budget doesn’t allow for a full dinner out, then just opt for the best part – dessert. Make a point to visit all the ice creameries in town to see who has the best.  

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Create a Scavenger Hunt

Get out and see a new part of town! Creating and sending your kids on a scavenger hunt is a great way to do it. Plant clues around your neighborhood. Things like, “We visit this park every summer.” Then, at the park, plant another clue. 

Play Tourist

Google your city or area - how many of the local tourist attractions have your kids been to? While many of us plan and research trips to other areas, we often forget about all the cool stuff that’s right in our own backyards. Is there a local exhibit or live theater that you have yet to visit?

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Volunteer with a Charity

Call a family meeting and pick a cause to get involved with – homelessness, animal shelters, soup or food kitchens, or cleaning up the park. Then think about how you can work together to help out, whether it’s raising money or serving one Saturday afternoon a month.