We're investing in our colleagues, technology and community development.

Dec 21, 2017
At Washington Federal, our motto is "invested here." What does that mean? We believe in supporting the communities we serve through sustainable, responsible lending, good jobs and community development.

As most of us are aware, there's been some changes recently to the country's tax structure.

How does that impact Washington Federal and our colleagues?
Take a look at some details from our recent press release to find out...

With the signing of tax reform legislation, Washington Federal announces that the Bank will accelerate strategic investments in its employees, client service capabilities and community development funding.

Photo of bank employees

All Washington Federal employees in good standing and earning less than $100,000 per year will receive a 5% increase on top of their normal merit increase.

(Effective when the bill becomes law.) In addition, a substantial investment will be made in the training and development of all employees, enabling them to upgrade their skills to more effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing business environment. The training will focus on leadership, technology, and client service skills.

 Additionally, Washington Federal will accelerate its planned investment in technology infrastructure to improve the client experience and create efficiencies that will keep the overall cost of our products and services low.

Important upgrades to the Bank’s online consumer and commercial banking platforms will be undertaken and, consistent with the changing ways our clients transact business, new investments will also include the establishment of a second technology hub in Boise, Idaho and an increase in technology staff of 25%.

Finally, the bank will contribute an additional $5 million dollars over the next five years to the Washington Federal Foundation. 

Photo of banks foundation

The objective of the foundation is to support low and moderate-income individuals in our communities through direct contributions to not-for-profits focused on housing, senior care and improving financial literacy. ​

Washington Federal President & CEO, Brent Beardall, commented, “We have argued for years that our tax system is unfair and heavily biased towards non tax-paying competitors such as credit unions and governmental entities. We feel it is our responsibility in this moment to do our part to spur economic growth and strengthen our communities. While the imbalance remains, the new tax law does provide relief that will allow Washington Federal to more aggressively pursue capital investments such as those outlined above with ongoing benefits for employees, clients and shareholders alike.” 

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