We're one of the best banks in America!

Oct 30, 2017
For the past 100 years, our team has been working to put our clients' needs first. And while banking habits may have changed (anyone else remember deposit slips or check registers?), our dedication to providing friendly, face-to-face service AND the latest tools to help you manage your money remains the same. 

We're always checking out the competition and making sure we're offering our clients a unique and innovative banking experience - one that's actually helpful AND still cost effective. There's a lot of banks out there, which makes us pretty excited about this latest banking-related news.

Washington Federal was listed as the winner in FOUR states in Money magazine's "Best Banks of 2017!" 

Of the eight Western states that we do business in, we were the winner in Arizona, Idaho, New Mexico, and Nevada. (And an honorable mention in Washington!) Click here to view the complete list.

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What set us apart?

  • Washington Federal is the only bank MONEY surveyed in Arizona that offers basic checking without a monthly fee or an out-of-network ATM fee.
  • Washington Federal makes it easy to avoid both maintenance and out-of-network ATM fees on checking, and its basic savings pays far more interest than any other Idaho bank MONEY analyzed.
  • The Basic Checking account has no monthly fees, no outside ATM fees, and a $25 overdraft fee that is 24% below the Nevada average.
  • Washington Federal is the only bank MONEY analyzed in New Mexico that doesn't charge out-of-network ATM fees on basic checking; you also avoid a monthly fee.​

Not located in one of these four states? No worries! Unlike some other banks, our products - including checking and savings accounts -  remain largely the same throughout our eight-state footprint.

Looking for a better banking experience?

We make it easy! ​Click here to contact your local branch and get started with our switch kit. 

We know there's a lot of banks out there for you to choose; we're so grateful you chose to do business with Washington Federal! 

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