Water Fight Resulting in Drowned Cellphone = $300

Sep 05, 2017

Replacement Phone with Green Checking = $50

Finances go beyond balances at the bank – they impact each and every part of our lives. So when we were looking at updating our checking account options last year, we knew we wanted to offer more than just a checking product. (Because how often do we really even use “checks” anymore?)

That’s why our new Green Checking includes benefits for your whole life - like protection for your family’s identity, discounts when you travel or go out to eat, and insurance in case something happens to your cell phone.

How’s it going so far? We thought we’d ask our colleagues. 

Two weeks ago I was having a water fight with my husband and my phone got wet.  I thought the water had only hit the phone’s cover, so I just wiped it off and called the fight a loss.

Photo of a cell phone in a bucket

The next morning my phone was dead. I went to the Apple store and was told that they could not repair it because water had gotten inside of the phone. My only option was to buy a new phone for about $300. 

Then I remembered the mobile phone insurance that came with my Green Checking account. I called the insurance provider on the 17th to report the damage; they emailed me a claim form. The claim was very easy to file; I just needed to provide an explanation of the damage, my cell phone bill and my WAFD statement showing that I pay my cell phone bill from my WAFD account.

I filed the claim the next day and received a check in the mail on the 31st reimbursing me $249 for the purchase of my new phone. 

Want to know more about Green Checking benefits? 

Visit our Secure Checking page or contact your local branch to get started.

Green Checking requires $100 to open and has a $6 monthly service charge. Mobile Phone Protection insurance is not FDIC insured. Mobile phone bill must be paid through your Green or Stellar Plus Checking account in order to be eligible for coverage. For complete details on Mobile Phone Protection, please read the Guide to Benefits.