Jeopardy at Centennial High School

Apr 13, 2017

Using today’s technology to teach money matters for the future.

Should I buy or rent? How much will I pay in interest if I keep a $2,000 balance on my credit card for three months? Is it better to take out a student loan with a 5% interest rate and five-years worth of payments, or a loan with 3% and three-years worth of payments?

These are the types of important questions that high school students will soon face and - unfortunately   - are often unequipped to answer. At Washington Federal, financial literacy is one of the key areas where we invest in our communities.

We believe that providing education about money will help individuals make better financial decisions – resulting in a healthier, more prosperous community for all of us. 

So April has us feeling especially excited – it’s Financial Literacy Month! Recently, we were able to join Centennial High School in Gresham, Oregon to talk shop about our favorite topic – finances. 

Centennial 2

We partnered with EverFi, a leader in financial education, to host Financial Jeopardy. “The topic of finance can get a bad wrap with high school students; often they think it can be stale and boring – just number crunching,” said Brad Goode, Washington Federal’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications. “We’ve found that by using gamification, like jeopardy, and other digital technology, we’re able to connect with students in a way that’s a little more interesting, and still demonstrate just how important the financial choices they’re about to face really are.”

Centennial 3

The session at Centennial also allowed students to break up into question and answer sessions where they were able to discuss money-related topics with WAFD’s banking colleagues, including how to finance higher education, renting versus owning and credit scores.

Visit our Community Relations page to find out more about how we’re promoting financial literacy in the communities we serve.  

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