Fraud Alert: Tech Support Scammers

Nov 02, 2016

The following is an excerpt from Herb Weisbaum's Financial Focus. To view the original post or for more financial tips, check out The Financial Focus.

It’s the scam that just won’t go away and the losses now total tens of millions of dollars.

Fraudsters, claiming to be with Microsoft or Apple are calling with what sounds like an urgent message. They say they’ve noticed a problem with your computer.

Sometimes they say it’s a performance issue. Sometimes they claim you’ve been infected with a virus. It’s all a lie designed to get you to give them access to your computer.

Their phony diagnostic tests always find a problem.  Then they demand hundreds of dollars to fix it.

Once they have access to your computer they can install malware or do other harmful things.

Get one of these calls - Hang up!  

These con artists are also using pop-up ads to find their victims. The ads are designed to look like they're a warning from Microsoft and Apple about a serious computer problem.

Take the bait and call the phony tech support center and you’ll go down the same path: bogus diagnostic test, problem detected, pressure into paying hundreds of dollars to fix it.

You never let a stranger have remote access to your machine. 

Get one of these pop-ups – just ignore it. They’re not from Microsoft or Apple or any other reputable company.  

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