Ten Tips to Save Cash this Semester

Jan 19, 2016

Being a college student doesn't have to mean always feeling like you're broke. Here are ten easy tips to help save some cash this semester!

1. Buy or rent used textbooks and sell last semester’s books back right away.

2. Limit the number of times you eat out. Plan to pack a lunch. When you pay $7 a day for lunch, you’d save over $500 a semester by packing your lunch instead.

3. Always pay bills on time to avoid late fees!

4. Shop where they offer student discounts. There are so many places that offer discounts with a school ID.

5. Attend free events on campus – concerts, movie showings, speakers, and sporting events. 

6. Carpool whenever possible! If you need to take a cab home, split the fare with a few friends.

7. Walk to campus or ride your bike.

8. Only buy what you need. Don’t buy on impulse.

9.Skip the expensive coffee. One $4 coffee every day of the year costs you $1,460. Make your own, (or stop at our branch for a cup). Or... drink water. It’s free and cuts down on calories too.

10. Open a Washington Federal Basic Checking account. Take advantage of free online banking, mobile app, and MoneySync online & mobile budgeting tools. $100 minimum to open a Basic Checking account. Contact your local branch to start saving today! 

Need some extra assistance tracking your cash? Click here to download our printable Cash Tracker.