Get Your Washington Federal Holiday Greens!

Dec 01, 2015

Here at Washington Federal, we have a unique holiday tradition that we love to share with our clients.  We order brand new, uncirculated $1 and $2 bills from the Federal Reserve, glue them together on the short end, and then bind them into neat little packages of 25.  Like a notepad, you simply tear out a bill or two when you’re ready to spend.  We call them “Holiday Greens.”  They make a fun stocking stuffer and are a great alternative to checks or gift cards.  

For a limited time, they’re available in packs of $25 or $50 at all Washington Federal branches. Packs are $1 for Washington Federal clients and $2 for non-clients. There are countless ways to use Holiday Greens. Go to Washington Federal's Facebook page and leave a comment, photo, or video about an original or creative way to use your Holiday Greens this season! To get your creative juices flowing, here are some ideas we came up with:

The Top 25 Ways to Spend Holiday Greens

  1. Enjoy a guilt-free week of peppermint mochas.
  2. Invite a friend to the movies.
  3. Learn origami and leave a paper crane in the tip jar.
  4. Stuff the Salvation Army’s red bucket.
  5. Buy your mom a holiday card.
  6. Take your kids out for ice cream.
  7. Pick up a bottle of wine on your way to dinner with the relatives.
  8. Stock up on groceries for the local food bank.
  9. Buy a scented candle and fill your home with holiday fragrance.
  10. Be Santa’s Helper – pick up a dozen packs of Holiday Greens for stocking-stuffers.
  11. Purchase a day pass to your local gym.
  12. Get some chips and dips and watch college football with your buddies.
  13. Buy some bright red mittens for your favorite kid.
  14. Spoil your favorite four-legged friend with a new toy.
  15. Peel them free slowly and watch how the cashier at 7-11 reacts.
  16. Buy a blanket or coat for your local homeless shelter.
  17. Rent “It’s a Wonderful Life” and spend a cozy night at home.
  18. Buy some silver crackle nail polish and invite your girlfriends over for holiday manicures.
  19. Head to the bookstore to purchase that novel you've been dying to read.
  20. Hand dollar bills out while you walk down the sidewalk with a cheery “Merry Christmas.”
  21. Pay off a little extra on your credit card bill.
  22. Have lunch at that swanky new restaurant.
  23. Dry clean your winter coat.
  24. Treat yourself to cold-weather hand lotion.
  25. Celebrate the season by buying the first round of drinks.