A Personal Endorsement From a New Homeowner

Mar 24, 2015

Can anyone relate to this statement? "I was clueless about loans, how to get one, and how to buy a home." 

Just thinking about buying a home can be daunting and overwhelming. We're here to keep it simple. Read below for details (and inspiration!) about one new homeowner's experience.

When I decided to buy a condo, I consulted the obvious lenders. I was clueless about loans, how to get one, and how to buy a home. After months of conversations, applications, and research, I learned that each lender is very different, which matters greatly. A lender is a major relationship, so it’s vital to find one right for you. I worked through two loan applications, while never feeling quite right about my lender. I was looking for something different, more personal, traditional, a banker I could trust to care about me, my needs, my goals. Yet I felt lost amid shrewd sellers, lenders and agencies focused on their own needs and profits. I assumed that was simply the nature of banking and home buying, and I needed to deal with it. I was vulnerable, in danger of making poor decisions, and taking a bad loan.

At that point, I heard about a home buyer grant, which led me to Washington Federal, who sponsored it. For me, it seemed like a miracle to find Washington Federal, a bank I’d never heard of. From the moment I first spoke with Washington Federal over the phone, I felt the difference between them and other lenders – in the personal attention, warmth, friendliness, and caring they showed me. The contrast was striking. This was a bank I hoped to find, but feared no longer existed. My lender was so conscientious and caring, his expert advice and reliable guidance reassured me every time we talked. I knew I was getting solid information I could trust to move forward with.

The first time I visited Washington Federal, I knew I’d found the right bank, because I had an uncanny feeling of coming home. As I sat in the office chatting about my application and options, I felt a sense of comfort, trust and peace, that this would give me the best options available, and do what was best for me. I felt they would do more than approve my loan, they would help me succeed. Suddenly, the impossible goal of owning my own home became a reality, because I had a lender I could trust, to be on my side.

My banker worked very hard to help me get the best possible loan, and utilize grants to aid my goals. He called me regularly with each new piece of info, and checked on my progress almost daily, reminding me of needed details, tasks, paperwork, while coaching me how to satisfy requirements and succeed. Whenever snags and problems arose, he swiftly dealt with them in ways that fully solved them, putting fears and concerns to rest. His expertise, skill, wisdom, and positive attitude was a great source of comfort to me throughout the process, from my first application to my final closing.

Washington is my home state, which holds fond memories for me, so finding Washington Federal was truly like coming home again, to a bank that embodies old-fashion practices of honesty, integrity, security, and safety. Their ethics remain unchanged, committed to the core values established at it’s origins – they lend only their own money and don’t sell loans, they avoid greedy or misleading practices, they provide free checking and safe deposit box, they really care about customers, they give grants and community support, they avoid exploitative or misleading info, they reduce fees and offer low interest rates. They worked very hard to write me exactly the loan I envisioned, with grants and reduced fees.

I think more people need to know about the positive banking practices of Washington Federal – the ways they truly care about their customers and treat them like family. In today’s world where greedy, unethical banking practices are the norm, Washington Federal is a reminder of how life can and should be, when human beings are at their best, not their worst.

--Maxine, Salt Lake City