Washington Federal’s Holiday Greens are back!

Dec 04, 2014

Holiday Green promotion

The holiday’s are here –holiday cheer, hustle and bustle of frantic shoppers, and Holiday Greens from Washington Federal! Following up with our holiday tradition, we've ordered brand new, uncirculated $1 bills from the Federal Reserve and packaged them in groups of $25 bundles for easy gift-giving.

They’re set up just like a notepad, making it fun for the gift-receiver to tear out and spend. So, instead of a gift certificate or an old fashioned check this year, try giving that special someone Holiday Greens.

Do you have a creative way that you’d spend your Holiday Greens? Go to our Facebook page and let us know - we’d love to hear from you. To help get the ball rolling, below is a list of some unique ways you could spend your Holiday Greens.

10 ways to spend and  have fun with Holiday Greens

  1. Rent the holiday movie “Elf” and try making Buddy’s spaghetti
  2. Donate the bills to local holiday charities of choice
  3. Buy a gingerbread house kit and invite a friend to help decorate
  4. Stock up on candy canes
  5. Visit your local dollar store
  6. Wow your friends with neatly pressed, uncirculated $1 bills
  7. Buy holiday cards for your friends and family
  8. Tear out the $1 bills slowly when you treat a friend for coffee
  9. Buy festive holiday socks
  10. Grab a bite to eat and leave a Holiday Greens booklet as payment

Holiday Greens are available for a limited time only from your local Washington Federal branch.