We're bringing financial literacy to local high schools!

Oct 01, 2014

With another school year under way, we're proud to once again bring the Washington Federal Federal Financial Scholars program to selected high schools in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Utah. For the past couple of years, we've been partnering with EverFi to bring the Everfi - Financial Literacy platform, which will provide an interactive, web-based financial management program to high schools at no cost to the schools or taxpayers.

The Need for Financial Education

Schools are facing a heightened focus on preparing students for college and careers. However, many students lack the basic understanding of personal finance that is necessary for future financial achievement, confidence and wellbeing. The majority of teens look to their parents and family to educate them on financial topics, but reliable information is often lacking.

Proactively teaching personal finance in schools and providing students with a foundation of knowledge is critical, as the financial knowledge teens develop today will set the tone for the decisions they make in their future.

How does the program work?

EverFi is a web-based course that uses video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars and social networking to bring financial concepts to life for today's digital generation. Course curriculum aligns with both state and national financial literacy standards.

Personalized Instruction for Every Student

Adaptive pathways provide students with a self-paced, interactive experience tailored to their needs.

Measurable Learning Outcomes

Surveys and assessments provide visibility into student knowledge gains and changes in attitudes and behaviors. Teachers can track student progress and differentiate instruction based on student outcomes.

Creating Community Connections

Washington Federal employees are engaging with students through this program by supplementing the online course with interactive classroom visits and recognizing student achievement in their local school

Achieving Real Results

  • Students experienced a 21% increase in financial knowledge after completing the EverFi curriculum. 
  • 98% of teachers believe that the course enhanced their existing curriculum and would recommend it to other teachers.
  • Last year, the Financial Scholars program reached 3,066 students in 23 high schools.
  • Topics covered include: savings, banking, credit cards & interest rates, credit score, financing higher education, renting vs. owning, taxes & insurance, consumer fraud, and investing.