Spring Cleaning for your Finances

Mar 03, 2014

It's that time of year again. For many of us, the start of the spring season means cleaning closets, de-cluttering attics and basements and organizing those pantries and junk drawers. During this process, it can be easy to use all of your organizational focus on your home and forget about reviewing and cleaning up your finances. Check out these easy ways you can tidy up your money management:

Electronic Statements Most banks, credit unions and other financial service providers have an option to sign up for monthly electronic statements, generally delivered to you via e-mail.  Electronic statements, or e-statements, are typically more secure than receiving a paper copy in the mail and are easier to file for future reference. Plus, getting rid of all those pesky paper statements will clear up drawer and dining room table space! Washington Federal offers e-statements on all consumer and business checking and loan accounts. To register for e-statements, simply sign in to your Washington Federal online banking. 

Online Bill Pay Online Bill Pay services allow you to schedule payments for your mortgage, credit card, phone bill, cable, and more. The payment is then withdrawn and sent automatically. With Washington Federal's complimentary Bill Pay service, you are able to set up a recurring automatic monthly payment or a one-time payment. You'll save on postage and know your bills will be paid on time!

Online Banking Alerts Scheduling online banking alerts is a great way to ensure you stay in-the-know about your account balances and activity. Alert capabilities can vary between institutions so check with your financial services provider and see what types of account alerts they offer and how you can receive them. Sign in to your Washington Federal online banking to register for Balance, Transaction or Bill Payer alerts.

Mobile Banking Bank on-the-go! Washington Federal's mobile banking allows you to pay down your loan from your phone, transfer money while you're out running errands or check your balance while you're waiting for the kids to finish practice. To get started with on-the-go banking, search "​Washington Federal" from your phone's App Store or Google Play.

Mobile Photo Deposit Skip the bank and make check deposits using your smart phone and our mobile app! Follow the below instructions to make a deposit:

  1. Select Mobile Deposit.
  2. Choose an account.
  3. Enter the check amount.
  4. Snap your photos.
  5. Submit your deposit.

Snap! Budgeting Tool Know what you have, what you owe, what you buy and what you budget, all in one place. Washington Federal's exclusive money management tool, snap!, creates a powerful snapshot of all of your bank, credit card, loan, and investment accounts - from all different financial service providers. All you have to do is sign into Washington Federal's online banking, select the snap! logo, then follow the instructions. From there, you can set budgets, track spending and see how reducing your debt will help save you money. There's no cost and it's easy to use. Download the snap! app for iPhones and iPads for on-the-go access to snap!

How are you planning on organizing your finances this spring?