Remodeling Your Home: If you plan to stay in your home for awhile

Jul 19, 2013

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If you are planning on living in your home for ten years or more, you may be interested in remodeling simply to increase the enjoyment you get from your home. If this is your plan, you will have more flexibility than someone that is looking to sell in a couple years.

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Create more space.

Sometimes you just need more space. Renovations that add more space to your home can make some of the most dramatic changes to the way you and your family enjoy your house.

One way to do this is to convert an unused space or room into something else. Some of the most common examples include converting unfinished garages, attics or basements into functional spaces like an extra bedroom, home office or family room that is integrated into the rest of your home’s layout.

Another way you can create more space in your home is to knock down a few walls. Open floor plans have become increasingly popular over the last few decades. Knocking down some of the walls that connect your living room, dining room, and kitchen can create a “great room” space. Of course, you will need to determine whether the walls are load bearing and there aren’t any important electrical wires or plumbing inside that may be difficult or expensive to move.

A third way to add space to your home is to build an addition. This involves tearing down at least one exterior wall and increasing the size of your home by adding new rooms onto the existing structure.


There are many reasons why you might want to update your home. One of the most common reasons is a change in taste or style. Every decade has its own look. The 1970s were known for yellows and “Mod” styles. The 80s were full of neon lights, glass-brick and teal and salmon-colored walls. The 90s had lots of cream-colored appliances and brass door hardware. None of these styles are very popular today.

Regardless of your home’s age or architectural style, you can always update it. Simple things like fresh paint, new flooring and modern fixtures can make a big difference.

Another reason you may want to update your home is for energy efficiency. Products are getting more energy efficient every year. Replacing your windows and doors, getting better insulation, and installing a new heating and cooling system can save a lot of money in the long run.


Consider “moving on up!” Life is about more than “stuff,” but you work hard to earn a living and sometimes it’s nice to reward yourself. Your home is where your family spends time together and where you keep all of your personal belongings. What better way to spend your hard-earned money than to build a brand new deck or to turn that unfinished basement into a new bonus room?

We hope that you find this information useful in helping you to better understand the different objectives you may want to achieve if you're planning to stay in your remodeled home. Please download your free copy of our eBook to learn more about the remodeling process.

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