We're Providing EverFi’s New Media Learning Platform to High School Kids for Financial Literacy Month

Apr 30, 2013


In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, Washington Federal has partnered with the United Way to launch a program that is bringing financial education to Las Vegas high schoolers. The program will provide ninth through twelfth graders with free access to EverFi, "a new media learning platform that uses the latest technology - video, animations, 3-D gaming, avatars, and social networking - to bring complex financial concepts to life for today's digital generation."

Topics covered by the program include credit scores, insurance, credit cards, taxes, investing, savings and more. The program enables students to not only learn important information in cutting edge ways, but also to practice making financial decisions in a "safe, virtual environment." After completing the 6-hour course, students receive a certification in financial capability, a valuable asset for college applications and resumes.

“Given today’s shifting economy, it is more important than ever that our young people acquire the financial skills they’ll need after they graduate. We are excited to offer students an innovative educational experience that uses current tools to teach them real life skills.”  ~Victor Mizumori, Senior Vice President, Community Development/CRA Officer

Save At School

In addition to the partnership with EverFi, Washington Federal helps teach children the habit and value of saving money with our Save at School program. Your local neighborhood Washington Federal branch will work with the elementary schools in your community to offer the program. Children can open an account with $5 (Washington Federal will match this $5 on new accounts) and have the ability to make deposits during the school’s "Bank Days." Bank Days are chosen by the school’s administrators and deposits are collected by a bank representative. With no fees or a minimum balance to earn interest, students can start learning the value of saving money from an early age. We provide register books and reusable envelops for the kids, and parents receive quarterly statements by mail.

If you're interested in bringing the Save at School program to your child’s school, please contact your local branch.