Save with MoneySync this Holiday season: Part 2

Dec 07, 2012

Did you know that an estimated $465 billion will be spent this holiday season on gifts and decor? That’s an expensive winter wonderland, and some news outlets report this year’s spending may actually exceed expectations. Online shopping is likely to grow 12% or more from 2011.

Keeping with statistics, the average consumer will spend $750 or so this season. With figures like these, it’s easy to get lost in the bustle of holiday spending. Fortunately, Washington Federal offers MoneySync, an exclusive, all-in-one personal finance management tool.

MoneySync makes managing your finances faster, easier, and more accessible. Exclusively from Washington Federal, our powerful new account aggregation tool can help you track your budgets and expenditures this holiday season.

It’s free, easy, and especially helpful during the holiday season. Click here to get started.