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Save at School

At Washington Federal, we've been helping our neighbors save for the future since we were founded nearly a century ago.  That's why we’d like to help you teach your children the habit and value of saving money with a “Save at School” account.

We think good habits start young.

We all remember our very first bank account, and how "grown up" we felt when we saw our balance grow over time.  Here's how to give your child that important lesson in financial management.

Bank Days are fun.

Your neighborhood Washington Federal branch will work with your local elementary school to offer a regular, on-site program that works like this:

  • Minimum $5 deposit to open an account
  • Washington Federal adds another $5 to each new student’s account
  • Your child can make deposits at school on designated “Bank Days” chosen by your child's school administrators 
  • No fees, no minimum balance to earn interest
  • Students can keep track of their deposits with register books and reusable envelopes we provide
  • Parents receive quarterly statements by mail
  • For security, withdrawals must be made in person at a branch
  • Earn  the same competitive rate as regular statement savings
  • View current rates

Want your child's school to participate?

Washington Federal works with school administrators and parent organizations (like PTAs) to offer the Save at School program through individual schools in our neighborhoods.  If you're interested in bringing this program to your school, please contact your local branch.

Sign up for your school's program.

Start by confirming that your child's school is particpating in our program.  Then download the account form and send the completed form back to your child's school, along with an opening deposit of $5 (cash or check made payable to Washington Federal).  We'll add the matching $5 deposit and send home a register book and deposit envelope.


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