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Refinancing for a lower rate can be a good thing, but it also can mean that you're starting over with a new loan. And resetting your 30-year payment clock back to zero every few years can substantially increase the amount of time it will take you to own your home and increase the total amount you'll pay in interest before you own your home free-and-clear.  Washington Federal can help. 

With us, there’s no need to refinance. Unless you’re not with us yet.

  • Why start your mortgage over just because your financial needs change?
  • With our rate modification program, you may be able to lower the rate on your existing mortgage with us when rates fall.
  • An additional advance* lets you tap into your equity by adding a lump sum to your existing first mortgage.
  • If your loan isn’t with us already, we offer a refinancing program that will help you lock in a low, fixed rate you can count on for years to come.

*Not available in Texas.

Start a conversation about your next mortgage with one of our neighborhood branch managers. Call 800-324-9375 or drop us an email.

Make this your last refinance.

30-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

80% LTV, Owner Occupied

4.375% Rate
4.476% APR

Rate and Annual Percentage Rate are effective as of 4/15/14 and subject to change as well as credit approval and underwriting guidelines. For example, a loan amount of $600,000, down payment of 20% ($150,000), pre-paids of $500 and a settlement fee est. of $500, and a 1.00% loan fee on a purchase price of $750,000 results in a principal and interest payment of $2,996. Available on loan amounts to $600,000. Ask us about refinancing rates for second homes and rental properties.


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