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Home Equity Loans

A simple and smart way to pay for the things you need.

Considering home improvement?  Thinking about consolidating high-interest bills?  An additional advance or home equity line of credit may be the perfect solution.

With an additional advance*, you borrow one lump sum and pay it back over time. 

With a home equity line of credit*, you establish a maximum line of credit, then draw out only what you need.  Both are flexible, smart ways to borrow against your home.

Tap into your home's equity.

An additional advance or line of credit* can cover:

  • Remodels and repairs
  • Educational costs
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • A more fuel-efficient car
  • Medical bills
  • Unexpected expenses

Leverage your equity and save.

For folks who've built up equity, Washington Federal offers both cash-back refinances and first mortgages based on the tax-assessed value of your home.  You may be able to eliminate the need for a formal appraisal. 

*Not available in Texas.







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